Hip Roof

When considering roofing services like roof replacement, it pays to know what type of roof you have, whether a hip roof, gable roof, or flat roof. Hip roofs are popular in areas like Minnesota that get snow and storms because they’re designed to let precipitation flow away from the top of the roof and away from the house.

To make the most of your hip roof, you need the help of the most trusted roofers in your local area. In and around Minneapolis and St Paul MN, Honest Exteriors is that trusted roofing contractor. We have experience with roofing and gutters, as well as siding and windows, so we can help you fully restore and improve your home’s exterior.

Hip Roofs FAQ

To help our clients make the best choices in roofing services, we want them to understand what’s best for their type of roof, including hip roofs, also called hipped roofs.

  • What is a Hip Roof?

    While gable roofs have two roof panels and two flat sides, hip roofs have sloped roof panels on all four sides of the building that meet in peaks called “hips”. This pitched roof style is popular because it creates attic space and provides superior water shedding on all sides.

  • What are the Advantages of Hipped Roofs?

    • Stable design is very sturdy and durable
    • Space under roof for storage and ventilation
    • Can easily have dormers or other structures added
    • Sloped sides allow snow and water to run off
    • Allows for cost effective roofing materials
  • What Roofing Materials are Best for Hip Roofs?

    • Traditional asphalt shingles
    • Architectural shingles
    • Metal roofing

Honest Exteriors: Hip Roof Installations and Reroofing in the Twin Cities MN Area

Whether your hip roof needs storm damage repairs or a complete roof replacement with brand new quality Owens Corning shingles, the experienced roofers at Honest Exteriors can help. Starting with a professional roof inspection, with communication throughout our work, and ending in a beautified property, we’ll make sure your roofing project goes smoothly and doesn’t break the bank!

Want to learn what’s possible with your hip roof? Contact us for a professional roof inspection and consultation about our roofing services!

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